Marketing Law - Watch-outs for 2019

We certainly don’t replace a corporate lawyer, but we do know a thing or two about keeping on the straight and narrow. One thing we do to stay across our responsibilities as Marketers is invest in constant up-skilling. Gemma recently attended the MA Marketing Law seminar on our behalf and brought back the skinny on watch-outs for Responsible Marketers:

Why do I keep banging on about 'Customer Service'?

Let's be honest, marketing pretty much never involves front line staff. It's a conversation between the brand and the customer... managed by an agency and/or a marketing department. Although 'People' are one of the 7 'Ps' of the Marketing Mix, when was the last time any of your marketing budget was allocated to training the people your customers actually deal with?

Spammy Mc Scammingtons


It has happened again - one of our clients has received an unsolicited email purporting to be from a professional Web Development Company / SEO Specialist / Paid Search / Social Media expert...

Besides unsolicited mass emailing being considered spam and therefore illegal in this country - "A person must not send, or cause to be sent, an unsolicited commercial electronic message that has a New Zealand link." (and they are only escaping prosecution as they are operating outside NZ),  the email is full of scare tactics along the lines of:

  • "your competitors are showing in google search but not you!!" 
  • "Your website needs immediate improvement for some major issues with your website."
  • "you are missing out on all those easy prospects who have been searching for your products/services"
  • "Many bad back links to your website"
  • "Not compatible with all mobile devices"

Grrr! Not only is the English in these emails horrendous, they are packed with complete lies and technical gibberish, designed to fool unsuspecting small business owners into signing on to service agreements worth thousands of dollars. And for me, talking my poor clients down off a ledge each time they get this sort of spam wastes billable hours.


SO - What do you do if you get an email that tells you your website is broken and your SEO is useless and everything is awful?

  1. Did you (or someone you know) contact this company in the first instance?
    1. Yes - Great, they have gotten back to you, now you need to evaluate their advice based on what you know about your website/social media activity etc.
    2. No - Well, then it's an unsolicited email and they absolutely should know better. Our advice would be not to even open the email.
  2. Is the email written in good, professional English? Basically, if they can't write well when promoting their own business, how do you think they'll go promoting yours?
  3. Does the email contain links or attachments they ask you to open or download for free advice/reports etc? If yes, this is a red flag for dangerous emails that could be designed to steal your information or infect your computer. NEVER open links or attachments in unsolicited emails. If no, good, move on to step 4.
  4. If you google the company name and the sender do you get a bunch of links saying it's a scam? A reference check is as easy as a 60-second google search. If they're as good as they say they are you'll see their website, Facebook page, reviews and articles they've written pop up. If they're Spammy McScammers people will have posted about it and a solid Google search will show them up either with dedicated articles outing them or via their Google or Facebook reviews.

If you think the spammers may have a point and your site needs some love, feel free to get in touch with a real, Kiwi company for a conversation. You can call, email or fill in the form below and we'll contact you.

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The environment we work in is constantly changing and as providers of Marketing Services we need to keep up as best we can. At Five by Five we run regular website audits to ensure there are no broken links, the site is listed on Google and traffic is coming from all the places we expect it to.

We build our websites on a mobile optimised CMS (so you can be assured it will always look readable on a phone or tablet) and we talk to you about what tactics we think will work best for your goals and your budget so you can confidently send the spammers to your trash.



Why We Need To Put Our Customers Front and Centre

Most of us exist as businesses because we saw a need and we created a product to fill it. Therefore it follows that the easiest way into a customer's consideration set is by positioning the product as what they're looking for. Yet somehow we tend to get caught up in our wonderful product and the journey we are on as a business and forget why we took those very first steps.