For clients who want to work with us long term, a monthly retainer option is great - it means you know what your costs are and you can plan ahead. We have two options, a bespoke package or a set menu:


A plan including services tailored to the specific needs of your business and customers. Our bespoke plans are effectively unlimited with regards to hours - we’ll meet with you regularly, chat on the phone as much as you like, create plans and copy, manage media, maintain accounts… (whatever is in your quoted service list) and charge a monthly flat rate. Also, we pro-rate our fee over holiday periods longer than a week AND you’re welcome to pause our services if the budget gets tight.

Set Menu:

We have a basic set menu for businesses with simpler needs and smaller budgets, starting at $175 and allowing you to build your own service plan. Click here for more.


Alternatively, if you just need help every now and then or don’t want to commit to a monthly figure, then our hourly rate is for you. It varies between $80 and $125 depending on the service, and we charge as little as a quarter hour.