Real Estate Agents / Developers

Real estate agents are facing the need to expand from traditional advertising touchpoints into digital and social channels. This has come up time and again as a pain-point for our clients due to the time and know-how required.

At Five by Five we focus on the person you are trying to talk to – we use their interests, passions and needs to ensure your message gets through.

We'll work with you to deliver what you need to reach the right people at the right time in the right place with the right message - which means you save time and money by only getting good quality leads.

To make things as easy for you as possible, we've come up with the menu of basic options below - but of course we can work out something special just for you. Get in touch.

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Initial consultation

Where we get to know you, what you have to offer and understand what your perfect customer looks like. Usually done over the phone.

Free - of course!


strategy session

After we've met you and had a look at what you have been doing so far, we'll have some ideas about what the best course of action might be. In this session we'll take you through it, give you a written plan and workshop the first campaign with you - after this session you'll have enough information that you could go away and do your campaign yourself if you so desire!

$300 +GST



Connect to or set up Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Google Analytics, Adwords, Search Console etc as required. We will connect our Business Manager accounts to your accounts so we do not require your passwords and your accounts remain yours at all times. If your website is administered by a third party, we may require them to install some code on your site on our behalf ( and unfortunately we cannot control whether they charge for this.)

$250 +GST


ADWORDS and Google Display

Sometimes you have the sort of website, campaign or content that is perfect for paid search or display ads. We can set these campaigns up for you and report on progress monthly.

Adwords / Display campaign (incl. $250 budget) - $400 +GST

Design display ads (2 x sizes) - $150 +GST

Website Build

Creating a home for your digital traffic, including a personal page, references, blog and current real estate listings with Google Analytics set up.

$1,500 +GST


facebook / Instagram posts and ads

Facebook is great for getting your message out there and it has powerful targeting and audience selection tools, but it can be time consuming. We'll create posts or ads for you, target them to your ideal audience and put a $50 budget behind each one.

$175 +GST ea


Blog Posts

Connecting with your audience by writing about interests you have in common, sharing useful tools or information and showing the kind of person you are makes your audience feel comfortable with you before they've even met you.

Writing a post for you - $250 +GST

Editing your work - $125 +GST


comprehensive monthly package

If you would rather have a retainer-type arrangement, we have a full package with 1 Facebook/Instagram ad ($150 budget), a month of Adwords / Display management ($250 budget), and 1 promoted blog post ($150 budget) with a report on results at the end of the month.

$1200 +GST


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